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  • Spur removal & rotator cuff cleanup

“Dr. Isabell went into right shoulder to remove spur and cleanup cuff area, very successful surgery. The staff and surgery area did an outstanding job of diagnoses, preparations, actual surgery, post follow-up, with the upmost professionalism. I am completely satisfied with the end results. ”

Stan Sansom

  • left and right rotator cuff repair

“Very impressed with Dr. Gene Isabell and his entire staff, Dr.Isabell personifies what a doctor should be. He genuinely cares about patients healing so that they are able to resume an active lifestyle. He repaired both of my shoulders and I honestly say they haven't functioned or felt better in many years. Dr, Isabell is an "old school doctor" who practices cutting edge state of the art procedures. Why travel to Houston,New York,or Boston, save your money and still receive the best care available. ”


  • Ankle

“I had a great experience with Dr Hill. He and his staff are top notch. I heartily recommend them for your injury. They will help you get your life back!”

Judith D

  • Surgery to repair a broken humerus.

“My humerus was completely broken in half, in addition to two spiral fractures. The surgery required drilling through the length of the bone, aligning both sections of the broken bone up and inserting a rod down thru both arts of my humerus. He then had to make incisions in order to place pins in each end of the rod. I am amazed at how well it all worked out. Minimal scarring, also. I am sixty-eight years old. Considering my age, many doctors would have made much larger incisions, to make it easier and quicker for them. Thank you, Dr. Kergosien!! You are wonderful!”

Bruce M.

  • heel surgery to straighten foot

“Severely broke ankle, went to Houston to have repaired, the surgeon there did a poor job of lining up my foot when he fused the main ankle joint. I had suffered severe pain for a number of months when the Houston surgeon gave up on me and said that he had done everything that he could. After a number of months more being in pain I went to see Dr. Hill at Beaumont Bone and Joint. He suggested that he would do a fusion on my heel joint and would use a couple of pieces of my fibula (which was no longer of any use to me) as wedges to straighten up my foot so I could walk properly. Dr. Hill using his superior surgical ability did a fantastic job on my foot. I now have a foot that is straight and pain free. I wish I had gone to Dr. Hill in the first place. It would have saved me a lot of pain and agony. Thank you Dr. Hill and thank you Dear Lord for bringing such a marvelous surgeon to Beaumont.”

Darlene Robins

  • Left Shoulder Arthroscopy

“Dr Isabell performed my surgery after trying other things to help relieve my pain and discomforts. When I first went to see Dr. Isabell it was for several things that was bothering me. He took the time to make sure he found out what was going on in every area and sent me to the people who could help me. Thanks to him after years of suffering he has taken care of more of my ailments by listening and taking action by sending me to who I needed to see. I was kind of concerned to have the surgery he wanted to do because of listening to others. I am so grateful I pulled up my boot straps and went through with the surgery. I have not had any pain, so the pain pills I was prescribed went untouched. I was able to move my arm in ways I wasn't able to in years. I find I can now sleep through the night without my arm and shoulder going dead on me and interrupting my sleep. I am so grateful to him and his staff who have been nothing but kind and helpful to me. I have recommended several people to him for similar problems because I know he will help them just as he has me. Thank you to him and his staff for all they have done for me.

Angie J

  • Surgery on my right foot due to a break of my metatarsal bone.
Angie J's photo

“If you have need for a Bone and Joint place this one is your best bet. They go out of there way to help. I broke (crushed) my metatarsal bone in my right foot Easter Sunday. Dr Hill was my surgeon, he had to put a plate in my foot. Dr. Hill and his staff are so awesome. They really care about their patients. I hope I don't need them again but if I ever do you can bet I will be going back. I just want to say Thank You to Everyone at Beaumont Bone and Joint...”

George Daniels

  • Knee Surgery
George Daniels's photo

“I had knee problems for years, it finally got to the point I needed help. I saw Dr. Thorpe and preformed surgery 6/21/17. When I arrived at the office the staff was very friendly from the time I got there until the time I was dismissed. The doctors and staff explained every detail in simple English that I could understand. They seem to really care about the patients and family there with them. The office called me today to check on me and I thought was great. My knee is much better no more pain and I can finally get a good nights sleep. Thank You Dr. Thorpe and staff. P.S this is the second procedure I have had at BBJ first was my finger in 2016 by Dr. Currie and the same hold true for him and his staff. Thanks Again. ”

Cecil Mounce

  • Rotator cuff surgery
Cecil Mounce's photo

“I tore rotator cuff in a fall. From the appointment desk to the recovery room nurses, the folks here are both friendly and professional. Doctor Curtis Thorpe explained what he was going to do, and kept my wife informed while I was coming out of anesthesia. First class business all the way.”

Charles A.

  • Complete Ankle Replacement

“I want to thank Dr Hill and his wonderful staff for the care and treatment during my ankle replacement. My surgery went great. The recovery period was a little long but basically painless. The staff was always available for any questions I had. I'm walking pain free for the first time in years. I'd also like to thank Dr Currie for diagnosing the problem, (he is always there for me and my family) and for recommending Dr Hill. ”

Craig Sexton

  • Torn meniscus knee repair and clean up arthritis damage

“I want to thank Dr. Gene Isabell for repairing my left knee so promptly and thoroughly. I'm back to playing soccer, kickball, etc., with my grandkids just 10 weeks after surgery. My wife had her left knee done; and I see my former coworker, Terry Wunsch, had his left knee done. It's true, Dr. Isabell and his staff are fantastic at what they do and the way they treat their patients. I heartily recommend him to anyone with knee problems!”

Wes E.

  • Rotator Cuff Repair

“Dr. Isabell performed a rotator cuff repair surgery and I was very satisfied with his care and manners. He was sensitive to my condition and the time it took to heal. He was very careful to make sure I was prepared to return to work before allowing me to do so. I would surely recommend Beaumont Bone and Joint to anyone needing their service.”

Sally C

  • Total Knee Replacement

“I am a 52 year old female, I had severe arthritis and no cartilage left in my right knee. On November 7, 2016, I had a total right knee replacement. Dr. W. Rizk was my surgeon and I had the procedure done at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont. He explained everything in great detail prior to surgery and made sure that I was well informed. He answered all of my many questions. His office staff was excellent and very helpful with getting all of the arrangements made for surgery. The surgery went as planned, I was standing up in my room that evening and walking in the hall the next morning. I have had little to no surgical pain. I used a walker while in the hospital, a cane when I went home and was completely cane free and walking unassisted within 5 days after surgery. Prior to surgery, severe knee pain limited me doing the activities that I enjoyed. Three months post op, I am pain free, my range of motion is almost completely back to normal and my incision is healing beautifully with minimal scarring. I will be having my left knee replaced in the near future and will definitely use Dr. Rizk as my surgeon. In my opinion, Dr. Rizk's surgical technique leads to faster recovery with the least amount of pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Rizk to anyone considering knee replacement surgery.”

Emil Ziembo

  • Left Knee Torn Meniscus Surgery

“After struggling through some knee pain for about 6 months, I finally took the time to see Dr. Gene Isabell at the Beaumont Bone & Joint facility. Dr. Isabell was professional and very knowledgeable. Against the odds, he was able to save my meniscus and essentially saved me from a lifetime of swelling, pain and arthritis. I can not thank Dr. Isabell, Audrey Reyenga and his entire team enough for their help in repairing my knee - you will not find a better team in the area for knee repairs. Dr. Isabell is the best - just ask around!”

Jimmie Michulka

  • Ankle surgery, ankle replacement

“Finding Dr. Hill was a Godsend. I have had ankle problems since I was a teenager and by 73 my whole foot was severely deformed making it very hard to walk. Dr, Hill took on the challenge when other doctors had said it was beyond repair. It took 2 surgeries: the first one straightened my foot to the almost correct angle and many months later I was healed enough for ankle replacement. An MRI was done and an ankle replacement was made just for me. Surgery was performed in January of 2015 and several months later I could walk again. Dr. Hill said that my case was one of his most challenging. He is not only a gifted surgeon, he cares about his patients. I could not have gotten better care anywhere else and I would recommend him to anyone with similar problems. Thank you Dr. Hill for making it possible to walk! ”